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Little Falls Construction Projects

Check out some of our current projects – we can work on both new and old buildings! Our main goal with any project is to understand the needs of the project and the needs of the building, once we understand that, the job is easy.

Rock City Centre

photo credit: Dave Warner

Rock City Centre is back up and moving forward after months of waiting!

Little Falls Construction is overseeing a major renovation of the building at 690 Main Street in downtown Little Falls, newly owned by local entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Martin Babinec. Born and raised in Little Falls, Mr. Babinec returned from Silicon Valley to live, work, and fulfill his goal of promoting an entrepreneurial culture in the Mohawk Valley. Rock City Centre, as the building will be called, is the future hub of the businesses he runs as well as the non-profits he fosters out of his beloved hometown. Once it is completed, the new Rock City Centre will be a showplace of development and enterprise in Little Falls.

The renovation includes an expansion of the existing brick building, the installation of a second story, and an elevator that extends to the rooftop for its use in nice weather. Other features include a full kitchen, Mr. Babinec’s office, 2 conference rooms (1 of which will be open to the public), towers on 3 corners of the building at heights of 42 feet, and “living walls” covered with greenery.

After months of delay, the Rock City Centre construction project moves forward

by Dave Warner

It’s been months since ground was broken on the two-story Rock City Centre construction project across from City Hall, but now that the COVID-19 construction ban has been lifted, the building at 690 Main Street is really starting to take shape.

Canal Side Inn Restaurant

The Canal Side Inn and Restaurant – $100k renovation

The Canal Side Inn and Restaurant, housed in a 19th-century building, has been operating as a restaurant for nearly 80 years. The iconic Henry’s Steakhouse was replaced by the first version of The Canal Side Inn, founded in 1982 and overseen by Chef/Owner James Aufmuth who brought his training in French cuisine to Little Falls. Then in 2019, the gifted and gregarious Chef John Luciano arrived at the newly renovated and revitalized Canal Side, for which his talent and innovative cuisine became a perfect fit.

Little Falls Construction was hired to bring new life to the Canal Side which they did by partially gutting the old space and constructing a new restaurant with a classic, yet contemporary ambiance that maintained the old look and feel. We updated the bar front, rebuilt the bathrooms, installed all-new lighting, and added finish work befitting a space with so much history and prominence in the community.

Northstar Recycling Company

Northstar Recycling Company

When this national recycling company decided to relocate to the entire 6,500 square foot second floor of the, circa 1839, revitalized Stone Mill building, Little Falls Construction got to work creating a space that fit their growing needs and brought their unique vision to life. We started with a complete demo of the old interior, preserving special details including an archway and elements of a former theatre which was converted into a conference room. Working closely with the client to discern their specific needs, LFC then constructed a contemporary, employee-centric space that accommodates 40 workers. Adaptable and varied, it incorporates closed, open, and collaborative office space and includes both a meditation room and a lactation room.

Stone Mill Ground Floor

Stone Mill Ground Floor – $125k renovation

Much of the ground floor of the old Stone Mill factory building is currently being renovated by LFC. The new space will contain a wood-fired pizzeria, a newly upgraded version of the Cafe at Stone Mill, and a UPS store. Again, we constructed a modern space while preserving the historic nature and look of the space.

182 Burwell

182 Burwell

We completed a total renovation of this residence in less than 3 months. The project included exterior work, replacement of the kitchen and all bathrooms. All interior walls were repaired and painted and we restored the hardwood floors to a “like new” condition. In addition, we fenced the backyard and updated the landscaping. This was completed ahead of schedule and below budget.

Hillcrest Estates Townhouses

Hillcrest Estates Townhouses – $160k renovation

The completion and remodel of two townhouses on a hill with stunning views includes brand new kitchens, energy-conserving lighting, HVAC, and new trim and cabinetry.

HMS Host

HMS Host

HMS Host, the company that operates travel plazas along the thruway in New York State, has hired LFC to upgrade and convert many of their fast-food restaurants at several locations; including Starbucks, Burger King, Sbarro’s and Auntie Anne’s. LFC outfits each space to the branded specs of that particular establishment.

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